With the fast pace of the modern life,

people naturally want to communicate without any hindrance wherever they are. However, many of use often suffer from signal disruptions in old, concrete buildings. This problem doesn’t only cause inconvenience, but also worsens the business flow and even threatens the safety in case of emergency. The mission of our company is to equip wired environments with wireless communications. For this, we install an innovative antenna system capturing outside signals and transmitting them inside. In such a way, communication becomes really flexible and maximally secure.



The voice service of our company utilizes VoIP and SIP technologies for home and office users respectively. To make your voice call always clear, QoS techniques are employed. Everyone who orders our voice services can take advantage


Our video delivery network ensures the highest standards of quality. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we don’t save on the bandwidth through recompression of video signals. Browse through our large library of video on demand and choose from the content of


Due to utilization of DOCSIS techniques, our company takes the lead in the sphere of Internet services throughout the region. We keep node sizes minimal to provide the highest speed for web users. Furthermore, our all-optical undersea network gives a broadband IP


We’ve recently become a world-class provider of telecommunications in Central America. We’ll work hard to improve the delivery of high-tech products and services to residents of this region. It’s been our largest achievement since the acquisition of Phoenix International Inc in 2010


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